No Sound or Audio on Super Mario Run for iPhone and iPad

We have been hearing from a number of Super Mario Run users that their audio or sound won’t work on an iPhone 6, iPhone 5 and several different models of the iPad. When we downloaded the Super Mario Run game for the iPhone 7 there were no issues. That said, the iPhone 7 is the latest phone from Apple and there are likely going to be no issues. If you have an iPhone 4, 5, 5s or 6 there will likely be problems and audio or sound happens to be one of them.

When trying to get sound on the Super Mario Run app or your iPhone or iPad note that there is an option Under Menu and Settings to turn “Music” and “Sound” on or off. It may have been the case that your default settings were with the sound off. Check that before deleting the app and downloading it again.

If you delete the app, download it and still have issues with sound you may have to wait for an update. If Nintendo gets thousands of complaints the update will likely happen in the next few days. Note that you do not need sound to play the game but it does make it better.

Last case scenario, make 100% certain your ringer is turned on. Many people leave their iPhones on silent. If your ringer is off and your phone is on silent you will not hear the audio on Super Mario Run. This is the most common cause of having no audio or sound.

Are you having issues with the sound or audio? What device are you using? Comment below with your device and what iOS you are running and hopefully we can figure this out.

David: iPad Air 2 no sound

Emma: My 5 year old has an iphone 5 and sound wasn’t working when we installed it. I checked the settings on menu and both Music and Sounds were On. Still not working.
Then, I realized that when the little switch on the side, next to volume keys was on “Red”, the sound only worked by using headphones. And when the switch was off (I mean, not Red) sound was perfectly fine without the headphones plugged in. I’ve always been an Android kind of person, I feel so silly! I didn’t even know what was that swicth for!

Bark: I had this issue too on my iphone 6s. The switch above the volume keys got it working for me. I tried everything else, but it it came down to this switch.

nemesit: that actually was the problem, thank you

Sheyleen: Thank you! I am new at this and your description help me resolve my problem!!!

CT: I have iPad Air 2 64GB and sound worked until today. Checked every setting, everything else works with sound… DOH

Chris: The little switch above the volume keys got it going for me! iPhone 6s

Mia: I have IPad Air 1. The sound worked for a couple off runt but then it didnt work. I have the settingd turen on for music and sound. Speakers are on.

Feltronc: iPhone SE = No sound
iPad Air 2 = Perfect

Tom: The person (Jennifer) is totally right. Swipe up and if you see an orange bell (Mute) tap that. I felt so dumb.

RiotSloth: iPhone 7+, no sound at all

Vickie: I have iPad Air with no sound for new MARIO game. I downloaded it on IPhone 6 and have sound. I deleted the app on iPad Air and reinstalled. Still no sound. All sound is turned on

Luc: That worked for me thanks!

Samuel: iPhone 6S, no sound. Mute off, max volume.

Rachelle: iphone 7plus no sound ive redownloaded it and did the reset and noting

Sam: If you don’t have sound check your ringer/mute switch on the side of the phone

kristian jakobsen: No Sound. iPhone 6s

kkerns: iphone 7 here, sounds and music on but still no sounds. 🙁

When: iPhone 7 , No sound.
There was sound when I downloaded first and stared using it but after couple of hours when I tried playing again there was no sound