What Does the Hammer Do on Super Mario Run?

UPDATE: Now that we have achieved the Rainbow Bridge we know that you need to use the hammer three more times to get rid of those ugly square blocks. This still leaves you with six or seven hammers left. If anyone knows all the places you can use them, please comment below and let us know.

After you defeat each level on Super Mario Run you get some special items. You usually get 10 Toad Rally tickets, the opportunity to play someone else on new levels on Toad Rallies and a hammer. So, what exactly does the hammer do? Well, the hammer allows you to remove the two big ugly blocks when building your kingdom. Don’t ask us why you would want to do this, but the use of a hammer can remove these two big blocks.

Does anyone know what these big blocks do and why you would want to remove them? How many hammers do you have? Have you been able to use your hammer in any other way?

With most people just now downloading this game for the first time, we are still learning about the game. Feel free to comment below and let us know how we can use the hammer to make our kingdom better.

Charis: You want to break the thwomps with the hammer to make room for usable stuff while building your kingdom. If you leave them in your kingdom, you wont be able to build toadhouses And place mini games or extra blocks that give presents each day

Sgt.Cuddles: From what I’ve seen the hammers are exclusively used for the thwomps. You encounter more and more as you purchase star bridges to expand your building zone, and hence you have to use more hammers to destroy the thwomps.

(Please note I have only used 2 hammers and have only purchased 1 rainbow bridge. I have not completed the main game)