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Nintendo Officially Enters the Realm of Mobile Gaming

By now, everyone has heard about Nintendo laying to rest the rumors and finally making a public announcement that they will be making games for smartphones and other mobile devices. In a recent partnership with Japanese mobile game developer, DeNA, Nintendo has since seen a rise in their shares as much as 30%. Even more, Satoru Iwata stated that we will see our first mobile game from Nintendo b...


Super Mario Bros. Comes to Puzzles & Dragons

12 January 2015 - 03:00 PM | Nightingale in Nintendo 3DS Other Mobile OS

If you haven't heard the news quite yet, allow me to enlighten you: You know the ever-so-popular mobile puzzle game Puzzle & Dragons from GungHo? Well, it looks like we'll be getting a Super Mario Bros. Edition of the game. So far the game is set to release in Japan on the Nintendo 3DS. Initially, GungHo America talked about the new announcement, referring to it as an "overse...


Need For Speed: No Limits Coming to Mobile Devices

26 November 2014 - 03:00 PM | Nightingale in Android iPhone / iPod iPad News Other Mobile OS

So who out there loves the racing series from EA, Need For Speed? Who out there would love to see Need For Speed go mobile, so you could get your racing on on-the-go? Well, I have some pretty awesome news for you! Announced just last week by EA Mobile, we will be getting Need For Speed: No Limits for mobile devices and it's being developed over at Firemonkeys (the studio behind Real Rac...


Flappy Bird Returns, With Multiplayer

As we all knew, the infamous Flappy Bird would make its return to mobile devices everywhere at one point. And now we know that point is soon, and by soon I mean August of this year. Nguyen, creator of the game, said that this version will have a multiplayer mode, and will be "less addictive", but didn't elaborate at to how it would be less addictive. Once the new version hits iOS...


FarmVille 2: Country Escape, More Farm-tastic Fun From Zynga

Everyone has heard of FarmVille. A popular game that millions play on Facebook where you start a farm, and raise animals and grow crops in order to make a living. Through Facebook, you can gain neighbors for your farm via your friends list. I know there was a point when I played it way back as well, for a short time. Well, over time Zynga had been trying to find some way to bring all the fun...


CandySwipe Creator and Developer King Reach Agreement

We all remember a while back the huge fit that was thrown over Candy Crush's dev King when they attempted to trademark the word "Candy". Albert Ransom, the indie developer that created CandySwipe fought them tooth and nail on the acquisition. Albert even wrote an open letter detailing as to why King should not trademark the word "candy", as it would trouble his game CandySw...


Halo Co-Creator Makes Mobile Game For 'Core Gamers'

Alex Seropian, the co-creator of Halo, who branched off to go and make his indie studio Industrial Toys, has raised $5 million with funding from Accel Partners to help launch a mobile game that is geared more towards the hard-core gamers called Midnight Star. Accel Partners in the past has invested in Rovio and Supercell, the companies responsible for Angry Birds and Clash of Clans, respec...


MacGyver Game Coming To Mobile

So who remembers MacGyver? It was a very popular show back in the 80's, and has become somewhat of a household name to some. MacGyver was a secret agent who would save the day and get out of sticky situations all by making handy gadgets out of everyday junk and appliances of sorts. Well, MacGyver is making a comeback, as an all-new mobile game. The game is in the process of being develope...


Angry Birds Epic Announced

Rovio, the company behind the Angry Birds games franchise had mentioned a while back that they were working on something pretty big for the next installment of the Angry Birds series, and they were not kidding. Their next release will be called Angry Birds Epic, and it will be a whole new breed of Angry Birds game. Angry Birds Epic will be an RPG style of game, using a turn-base system of play,...


RUMOR: Xbox Live May Become A Mobile App

Now, let me begin by saying that for now, this is only a rumor. Sources who shall remain unnamed, claim to be "familiar with Microsoft's plans", one of which being that they may branch out with their Xbox Live service, so that it won't only be on their consoles, but may very well come to mobile devices such as Windows phones, and perhaps even Android and iOS devices. A wh...


Mad Catz May Make Mobile Gaming Controllers

Everyone is trying to get a piece of the mobile gaming phenomenon, making accessories and controllers to enhance mobile gaming. While companies like Nyko and Power A have their PlayPad and MOGA, it looks as though Mad Catz is getting in on the action too by creating a mobile gaming game pad. But what's even better is that theirs will be Bluetooth based and will be called GameSmart. With Blu...


Angry Birds Stella Announced

17 February 2014 - 04:00 PM | Kat in Android iPhone / iPod iPad News Other Mobile OS

After over 24 hours of tease regarding an announcement, developer Rovio has come through with information regarding the next iteration of their incredibly popular Angry Birds games. Called Angry Birds Stella, it will follow the title character herself and friends who are described as "a group of feisty characters with a shared love for fun, adventure, and creativity." Though not much...