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Halo Co-Creator Makes Mobile Game For 'Core Gamers'

Alex Seropian, the co-creator of Halo, who branched off to go and make his indie studio Industrial Toys, has raised $5 million with funding from Accel Partners to help launch a mobile game that is geared more towards the hard-core gamers called Midnight Star. Accel Partners in the past has invested in Rovio and Supercell, the companies responsible for Angry Birds and Clash of Clans, respec...


MacGyver Game Coming To Mobile

So who remembers MacGyver? It was a very popular show back in the 80's, and has become somewhat of a household name to some. MacGyver was a secret agent who would save the day and get out of sticky situations all by making handy gadgets out of everyday junk and appliances of sorts. Well, MacGyver is making a comeback, as an all-new mobile game. The game is in the process of being develope...


Angry Birds Epic Announced

Rovio, the company behind the Angry Birds games franchise had mentioned a while back that they were working on something pretty big for the next installment of the Angry Birds series, and they were not kidding. Their next release will be called Angry Birds Epic, and it will be a whole new breed of Angry Birds game. Angry Birds Epic will be an RPG style of game, using a turn-base system of play,...


RUMOR: Xbox Live May Become A Mobile App

Now, let me begin by saying that for now, this is only a rumor. Sources who shall remain unnamed, claim to be "familiar with Microsoft's plans", one of which being that they may branch out with their Xbox Live service, so that it won't only be on their consoles, but may very well come to mobile devices such as Windows phones, and perhaps even Android and iOS devices. A wh...


Mad Catz May Make Mobile Gaming Controllers

Everyone is trying to get a piece of the mobile gaming phenomenon, making accessories and controllers to enhance mobile gaming. While companies like Nyko and Power A have their PlayPad and MOGA, it looks as though Mad Catz is getting in on the action too by creating a mobile gaming game pad. But what's even better is that theirs will be Bluetooth based and will be called GameSmart. With Blu...


Angry Birds Stella Announced

17 February 2014 - 04:00 PM | Kat in Android iPhone / iPod iPad News Other Mobile OS

After over 24 hours of tease regarding an announcement, developer Rovio has come through with information regarding the next iteration of their incredibly popular Angry Birds games. Called Angry Birds Stella, it will follow the title character herself and friends who are described as "a group of feisty characters with a shared love for fun, adventure, and creativity." Though not much...


Pokemon X & Y Get's Bundled With 2DS

05 December 2013 - 08:47 PM | Ivan in News Nintendo 3DS Other Mobile OS

The 2DS, Nintendo's newest handheld console, hasn't had the best reception, since its launch earlier this year. Joystiq reports that Nintendo has decided to help make the sell by bundling the game with one of the hottest game around - Pokemon X & Y. The latest Pokemon titles from Nintendo have already sold over 4 million units and are still going strong. The bundle will set back use...


Rovio Announces Next Angry Birds Game

16 October 2013 - 06:08 PM | Ivan in Android iPhone / iPod iPad News Other Mobile OS

Rovio Entertainment, the developer of the Angry Birds video games, has announced the latest entry in the iconic franchise. Angry Birds Go! The game is a cart racer set on a 3D Piggy Island, where you must get downhill first. The game is set to have some fun and innovative features, according to Rovio:FIRST-EVER 3D ANGRY BIRDS WORLD! See the birds and pigs from every angle as Piggy Islan...


Microsoft Considers Cross Play Between Xbox One and Smartphones

17 October 2013 - 03:00 PM | BJBrown in News Other Mobile OS

Oh Microsoft, you are such a tease. Remember all of those Microsoft devices out there that few of us have? Well, in a recent interview with Australian gaming site Ausgamers, head of Microsoft Studios, Phil Spencer stated that the future of gaming is in cross-platform play. Mr. Spencer was referring specifically at the time to Microsoft’s Halo franchise and that the cross-platform ties between...


PlayStation Games Could Be Streamed to Phones, Other Devices

23 September 2013 - 06:30 PM | in Android iPhone / iPod iPad News Other Mobile OS

In an interview with Japanese site Dengeki Online (via IGN), SCE Worldwide Studios boss Shuhei Yoshida said that with the power of the Gaikai cloud service, PlayStation games could be stream directly to smarthphones, as well as other devices such as Smart TVs, PCs, and more. The rollout of the service on the PlayStation 4 next year is just the beginning, according to him. "Speaking of the...


Uber Entertainment Announces Upcoming Toy Rush

20 August 2013 - 04:28 AM | Kat in Android iPhone / iPod iPad News Other Mobile OS

Developer Uber Entertainment is entering the portable market, announcing the upcoming Toy Rush currently in development for tablets and mobile devices. This is the first entry into the arena for the developer, the same team responsible for Monday Night Combat, and Planetary Annihilation. They'll be working with Tilting Point, a company started by game industry veterans - including the for...


Popcap confirms that 'Plants vs. Zombies 2' is coming soon

The long awaited sequel to "Plants vs. Zombies" is officially announced for July, 2013. Popcap has even released a teaser that, while humorous, does not show any game-play footage. Neither source has gone into much detail about what we can expect from the sequel, however fans of the first game are hoping that they can love it as much as the original. For those unaware, "Plants vs....