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hyunmin's onlog > so...

Posted 04 November 2011

it was my girlfriend's birthday... and really... I have to say I really think I'm in love with this girl...

hyunmin's onlog > steam halloween sale

Posted 30 October 2011

if you love zombies and other scary games you should check out steam's halloween sale which is going on through october 31st... i would recommend left 4 dead 2, borderlands, plants vs zombies, bioshock 1 & 2, and dead island if you haven't tried them... dead island is still a bit pricey but that's because it hasn't been too...

hyunmin's onlog > cs:go

Posted 24 October 2011

so my ex-gf who used to play counter-strike 1.6 competitively tells me that at iem new york they handed out cs:go beta keys and they had some kind of exhibition match with players from the united states going against european players... for anyone interested in cs:go... apparently there are still a lot of things that need fixing... they are trying...