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The Amazing Spider-Man 2 iOS Review

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The movie ‘The Amazing Spider-Man 2’ made as much as $10 million earnings on its opening day, as reported by the Hollywood Reporter. With its success,...

From: Where To Find That 3DS Circle Pad Pro!

So recently when Resident Evil: Revelations came out, it had a Circle Pad Pro bundle and it was exclusively sold only at GameStop/ I thought that GameStop will still have the Circle Pad Pro in stock even after awhile. Yup, facepalm for not pre-ordering it. John Milburn Stockholm Sweden

I've been looking...

Content Spy and Daily News Digest Email/Weekly Wrap Up Emails

Hey again everyone,

We've been busy here at Unbound Gamer.

Earlier today we rolled out the following:

A "spy", which you can see on the right upper side everywhere, and it also has a "Big Spy" page, where you can view everything that's going on.

Content Spy is an application that allows users to view a near-realtime...


it was my girlfriend's birthday... and really... I have to say I really think I'm in love with this girl...

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