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Status Updates, Search and Contests

Hey all!

Today we've pushed out a fix that now make it possible to search across the whole site, somehow searching in news articles, reviews etc did not work previously.

Also, we've changed it so by default you see the last 10 status updates, previously it showed 5, which we felt wasn't enough.

We've also made changes to url's across the site, to make it easier to navigate. Such as, the url's of news articles have been shortened.

Also, we've added a new category, called "Contests", you'll find it under "Read" in the navigation menu. This should make it easier to find our contests when they get pushed down. And yes, this means we're having many more contests in the planning stages.

Many things are done behind the scenes, which hardly are noticeable, such as how we today changed our content delivery system to Twitter and Facebook.

We're hopefully going to push out a major update that fixes a lot of bugs on the site in the coming weeks, so stay tuned.

Thanks for visiting Unbound Gamer!