MMO2GO: Star Legends Phase 4

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MMO2GO: Star Legends Phase 4

Welcome to this fourth installment of MMO2GO, the column that delves into the world of the Mobile MMO, examining the set-up and playability of the different titles available for your favorite tablet platform. For those new to the column the goal is to examine a mobile MMO over the course of a few weeks looking at the ins and outs of the game and seeing all that it has to offer. At the end of my time with the title I will say farewell and move on to another mobile MMO.

For this week of MMO2GO I will be taking a look at my last week in Spacetime Studios’ Star Legends: The Blackstar Chronicles. Over these last four weeks I have discussed everything for the starting area, social experience and the combat of Star Legends.

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This week I wanted to change gears a little bit and, instead of focusing on specific aspects of the game, want to give my final impressions of Star Legends discussing the highs and lows of my in game experience. So grab your favorite beverage, turn on some music and enjoy this edition of MMO2GO.

I have to say that it has been an interesting four weeks in Star Legends. I am an avid MMO player with several titles on the go at any given time. This however was my first mobile MMO experience. It was an interesting adventure to say the least and I am eager to jump into some more titles to see what else my mobile platform offers.