MMO2GO: Order and Chaos Online - Part 2

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MMO2GO: Order and Chaos Online - Part 2

Mar 28 2012 05:00 PM | Nexfury in Android Editorials iPhone / iPod iPad

Equipment works very much as you would expect in a MMO with different classes of armor and different weapon types specific to each class. There was some carry over with weapons as I noticed that both my ranger and warrior could bust out a sword and bow but for the most part weapons are catered to specific classes.

Accessing the equipment menus is simple and functional with a simple tap pulling up the stats on the item in question with a mini menu allowing you to compare said stats with the currently equipped one as well an option to equip the selected item. It was great not having to drag items on to my character sheet and the quick item stat look up was a nice touch to the experience.

Over all I would say that Order and Chaos Online is a solid mobile MMO experience. In fact it is better then some PC MMO’s I have played of late offering many of the features you would expect to find on the PC platform. Until next time, I’m off to hunt down a crocodile who has a fetish for jewelry.