Minecraft Pocket Edition Interview With Mojang's Daniel Kaplan

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Minecraft Pocket Edition Interview With Mojang's Daniel Kaplan

Sep 29 2011 02:50 PM | Vin in Android Editorials iPhone / iPod iPad News

With Minecraft Pocket Edition being out today for all Android users we sat down and talked some with David Kaplan, the Business Developer at Mojang, the makers of Minecraft.

We're also running a contest where 20 lucky winners get their very own copy of Minecraft Pocket Edition.

What excites you the most about Minecraft Pocket Edition?

Oh wow. I would guess it is that now Minecraft is portable and everybody can have their daily dose of Minecraft on the go.

Where do you see Minecraft Pocket Edition 6 months post launch?

That is really hard to say. We know that in 6 months we will have much more powerful phones and I would love to see Minecraft - Pocket Edition take advantage of the new power on the phones. Create even bigger worlds and cooler biomes maybe?

What are your plans for future updates, have you started discussing this yet at all?

We have talked a lot about future updates and we cant just copy the stuff made in Minecraft. because it is designed for the PC. Minecraft - Pocket Edition will require other kind of tweaking and thinking since you are playing on a completely different platform.

Share us some details on the development team and what you feel are your most important milestones so far, perhaps discuss some of the difficult challenges you might have encountered when making this game.

The biggest problem so far have been to try to create great touch controls. It is extremely hard to do fps on touch devices and I feel that we still need some iterations to nail it out and make it even better.

One major concern is that it's actually 'pocket edition'--will we see all features of the PC version in the pocket edition?

Minecraft - Pocket Edition is different. Playing on a phone is different from playin on a PC so off course you cant do the exact same thing.

Do you have an estimated release date for the iOS version? Please try to share an approx month or part of next year, if possible. OR even this year maybe.

Before this year ends!

Will there be an iPad optimized version of Minecraft?

I dont know the difference between an optimized iphone version and ipad version Im afraid :)

Any plans to bring Minecraft to even more platforms, such as Nintendo 3DS and Vita?

Im afraid we dont discuss platforms we havent gone public with.

Anything else you would like to share to our audience?

Keep being awesome!

We would like to thank Mojang and Daniel Kaplan for their time in having this interview.

Interested about Minecraft Pocket Edition? As seen in our interview, it's also making it's way onto the iOS this year, so the wait isn't too long. Let us know what you think in the comments below!