Hulu Coming to Wii, 3DS

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Hulu Coming to Wii, 3DS

Oct 21 2011 07:31 PM | phbickle in News Nintendo 3DS

Watching stuff on the go. This is good. Not much else to say about that.

It costs $7.99USD a month, and includes 'limited advertising'. No idea what that means but hopefully it's not too much of a problem. No release date as of yet, outside of 'soon'.

Oct 21 2011 08:21 PM
I hope this runs better on Wii/DS, because it sucks on PS3. They don't stream smoothly at all. :(

Also, limited advertising means about 1 minute of commercials in every break.

Be prepared to find that even though Hulu carries a show, they can't stream through your Wii or DS due to licensing issues.